Why DROP Coconut Beauty Oil?

two virgin coconut oil bottles by drop

Drop coconut beauty oil harnesses the essence of the tropics by collecting only the finest coconuts grown in the pristine jungles of Bali.

These organic coconuts are cold-pressed by hand to naturally extract and preserve the rich nutrients and antioxidants only attainable from Mother Nature.

The end result is the finest virgin coconut oil on earth, perfect for nourishing your skin and hair while enhancing your natural radiance.

Virgin Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits for Natural Beauty Care

indonesia virgin coconut oil by drop

Virgin coconut oil offers countless benefits and uses for anyone seeking a natural, chemical-free solution for their beauty care.

Because it is natural and packed with nutrients, it works with your body to enhance what you already have. This includes making your skin younger and more radiant and your hair fuller and more shiny.

The main benefit from coconut oil is its ability to deeply moisturize both hair and skin in a way that typical chemical beauty products simply can't.

It can also be used simply to repair and restore the damage caused by years of chemical product usage and dramatically improve the health of your hair and skin.

The makes coconut oil the perfect solution for any natural beauty care routine.

Why Coconut Oil from Bali, Indonesia?

virgin coconut oil from indonesia by dropBecause when it comes to coconut oil, location and processing matter a lot.

Most coconut oils on the market come from large production farms that only care about volume. These high volume farms, usually outside of Indonesia in countries like China, Thailand and Philippines, produce low quality and nutrient deficient coconuts.

These farms use quick and cheap processing methods that then further destroy the nutrient profile in the final coconut oil product.

This highly refined oil is practically useless when it comes to improving the health and natural beauty of your skin and hair.

Drop takes a different path.

We source our coconuts from small-scale family farms in the pristine jungle of Bali, Indonesia. Here the focus is on quality, not quantity and as a result, Bali is able to produce the most nutrient dense coconuts on the planet.

These precious coconuts are then gently processed to preserve the powerful nutrients and create the most nutrient dense coconut oil in the world.

This is where Drop Bali coconut oil gets its magic. Already perfectly formulated by Mother Nature, we very carefully and respectfully bring it from the tree right to your skin.

With Drop coconut oil from Bali, Indonesia you are simply getting the best. No other coconut oil on the market can compare. Learn more about us here.